Thermie Brookview Housing Development, Dublin

Brookview Housing Scheme was a Thermie sponsored project of 200 low energy houses for South Dublin County Council, and the Respond and Nabco Housing Associations, built in four phases. Included in the project were community centres, a group home, and a number of apartments. Total contract values exceeded €25 million.

Overy & Associates were consultants to the National Building Agency. Extensive detailed dynamic thermal simulations of the houses, their fabric, occupants and systems were carried out by Overy & Associates using the state-of-the-art simulation tool DEO2.1E from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, California. Average fuel use is being monitored as is being realised within 10% of the predicted values.

The following measures were implemented to reduce fuel consumption by about 50% of that for a conventional low income house:

 - Condensing gas fired boiler
 - Solar orientation
 - Wind-breaks using planting, earth berms etc.
 - Porch front and rear
 - High insulation levels
 - Low emissivity glazing
 - Inlet and flue dampers on open fire places
 - Thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves, low temperature radiators, time clocks etc.

A number of houses were pressure tested by Overy & Associates using a building pressure test rig. These tests demonstrated the benefit of further work on increasing air tightness of construction.

The scheme has also be used to conduct limited trials on the following technologies:
 - Active solar systems using evacuated tube collectors
 - Humidity controlled domestic exhaust systems - 
 - Ground source heat pump

Architect: National Building Agency