Overy + Associates place heavy emphasis on the use of leading edge computer technology. We are quick to adopt new technology. On request we would be happy to provide a list of our up to date hardware to clients (we are constantly upgrading).

Software includes:
· Dynamic Thermal Simulations using the EnergyPlus program from
Lawrence Berkeley Labs , USA
· Front end DesignBuilder, which also interfaces with SBEM
· Autocad 2007 LT
· Barbour Construction Expert
- Lighting Reality Roadlighting and Exterior Lighting design software
· Cymap
engineering software including:
       · Heating calculations
       · Cooling calculations
       · Psychometric calculations
       · Peak summer temperature calculations
       · Pipe sizing and pressure drop and drafting
       · Duct sizing and pressure drop and drafting
       · Duct acoustic calculations
       · Wiring Regulations calculations
       · Artificial lighting calculations
       · Emergency lighting calculations
       · Day-lighting calculations
       · Floodlighting calculations

· Other engineering programs too numerous to mention.
· Microsoft Office 2007/XP/Vista products
· Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
· Microsoft SB Server with Sharepoint and SQL
· Sage Coretime for business management and billing
· Full email backup

Hardware includes:
*Dual processer server, Linux server, Linux hardware firewall
*Network Attached Storage at remote site for daily automatic backup
*Dual core processor PC's for all engineers, with large format flat panel monitors
*Laptop computers
*Colour A0 plotter, with A1 plotter for backup
*Colour lazer, and various high speed mono lazer printers
*Scanner with 50 page document feeder
*4 digital cameras
*5 phone lines with 10 DID lines.
*fax (remember them?)