Overy & Associates believe in producing designs of a high quality.

Consistently high quality in design comes from two primary sources. Firstly, the work must be performed by staff qualified in the specific field in which they are working. Secondly, the work must be technically monitored closely by senior management, who must maintain a day to day hands on approach of making technical decisions and checking completed work. Therefore, Paul Overy works on all projects personally, steering technical aspects of the work. Additionally, we have a policy that engineers must have a relevant degree. Diploma or more junior qualified staff will only be accepted for CAD, drafting, and clerical positions.

We trust that our product quality will be judged on its merits. We know that in the end, the bulk of our workload must come from satisfied Clients returning to us with new projects, and they will only do this if they are happy with the quality of service we provide. Thus far, we have received repeat commissions from all but the smallest of our clients.