Building Energy Rating (BER)
We offer domestic and commercial BER assessors. Read more >>>

Air Tightness Testing, Air Tight Design
We offer Air Tightness testing and Air Tight design services. Read more >>>

SEI's SME Advice, Mentoring & Assessments Programme
SEI provides free, one-to-one advice and mentoring to private-sector SMEs from specialist energy advisors. We employ two specialist advisors on SEI's list and have provided advice to a variety of SME's with energy spends from €25,000 to €300,000 per annum.

SEI's Public Sector Programme
SEI offers a range of services to help public bodies achieve significant energy cost savings. We employ two specialist advisors on SEI's list and have provided advice to various government departments and other state and semi-state bodies.

Site and Public Lighting Energy Reduction
We are experts in reducing energy consumption of site and public lighting, and are on a national working group in this field.

Energy Audits
We can provide a full energy auditing service. Before a detailed energy audit is performed, we recommend clients nominate us for free SEI sponsored advice. See above. If a full energy audit is then found to be required, we would be happy to oblige.

Display Energy Certificates
Public Sector Buildings with a floor area of over 1,000 m2 are obligated by law to put up a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in prominent place clearly visible to the public. We are familiar with the methodology to be used, and can prepare DEC's for a small fee.

Part L, Energy, Compliance Check
All buildings are now required by Part L to check their Energy Performance and Carbon Performance against set criteria using either DEAP (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure) for dwellings, or SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) for simpler non-domestic buildings or Dynamic Simulation for certain complex non-domestic buildings. We are qualified to provide this service.

Design Reviews
We can carry out impartial design reviews of mechanical and electrical systems designed by others. We are particularly skilled at commenting on the energy efficiency of designs, including commenting on energy aspects of the architecture.

Condition Surveys/Schedules of Dilapidation
We can prepare a schedule of dilapidiation or condition survey report on mechanical and electrical systems in buildings which you might be considering to buy or lease.

Expert Witness
We can act as expert witness in the areas of our expertise. We have acted in cases involving property damage from failure of systems, disatisfaction with performance of contractors, and other cases.