Overy + Associates is committed to ensuring that we advise the Client on the impact on the environment of various alternatives considered , and to optimising those impacts by judicious design. We are aware and constantly update ourselves on current issues such as energy conservation, global warming, carbon dioxide release, ozone depletion, sick building syndrome, electromagnetic interference, deleterious materials, Legionnaires disease, etc. and will share our knowledge with the client.

We have a particular expertise in energy analysis, and use computers extensively to assist us in making considered judgments on minimising energy consumption. We believe we are the only European design firm outside mainland Europe who use the Advanced Design Tool DOE-2. Mr Overy has over 15 years experience in the use of this tool.

Sustainable design carries through into our daily working methods. Most A4 paper in the office which is not issued is recycled. Computer screens and lights are switched off at lunch time. File server computer screen is off most of the time. LaserJet toner cartridges are given to a remanufacturing company for recycling.

Paul Overy has had an interest in Sustainable Design issues dating back to his University education. He undertook a year's research in the Solar Energy Unit at University College, Cardiff, and was a teaching and research assistant in the Solar Research Group at the University of Illinois.